"I have always worked on several projects at the same time, often dividing my time between figurative work and non-representational, including musical composition. The work presented here is indicative of this need to explore different paths and the processes that they inspire. There is inevitably some overlap with each type of work influencing the other. Both employ similar creative processes involving the use of multiple layers of of information of various types and formats.

I document situations that I create. They are impressions of what I think and feel about near and distant worlds. They are elements that I set aside while I create others until I have enough to begin making images. I am a gatherer. Some gathering is random; some is meticulously planned. I assemble these diverse elements and interfere with what I have created until I sense a strong emotional understanding of them as individual and/or societal situations. 

While I start with a fairly clear idea of my destination, the details concerning the specific route to to take are rarely evident at the outset. That is the role of interference. It obliges me to seek new paths, altering my perspective and enlightening my perception with new interrogations. The original idea and the route interact and evolve, stimulated by the interference that helps define both my life and my creative process."