Thoughts on Getting Somewhere Interesting

In life, there are right and wrong paths to take - not necessarily in the moral sense, but in the sense that some paths are more productive for our development than others in the context of defined goals and desires. This is true in the arts, as it is in all other fields of endeavor. The precise nature of the right paths (for there are almost invariable more than one) varies from person to person. 

Neither the right ones, nor the multitude of wrong ones are easily navigable. The difference between them is simply that the obstacles on the right paths are more relevant and intimately linked to our ever-evolving objectives, while those on the wrong paths tend to be counterproductive and irrelevant to our development, at least in the short-term. It is important to note however, that some wrong paths have the potential to be highly relevant in the long-term and almost all are instructive in the short-term. The key to productive navigation on any path would appear to consist of a healthy mix of lucidity, integrity, open-mindedness, risk-taking and hard work.