Thoughts on the Power of Fiction

I think it is important that we present our views to the world unfettered by political correctness. Contemporary society frowns on such frankness. As a result of this, both traditional and fundamentalist versions of all religious faiths have been able to occupy more and more terrain attaining political importance that I feel threatens common sense approaches to literally every serious problem confronting us today. I believe that organized religion is without a doubt the most dangerous invention of man. It perverts, divides and passes judgement based on fictions rooted in ignorance, fear and an insidious need for control and power over others. Organized religions position themselves as indispensable foundations in confronting the challenges facing contemporary society, when in fact they are quite simply dangerously irrelevant. 

We do not need more faith in the multitude of powerless fictitious gods that occupy the pantheon of organized religions. We need more faith in our own abilities to develop solutions based on facts born of dedicated research and on the long-term commitment required to transform these facts into coherent workable solutions to the difficult tasks that confront us today. Our dreams must be grounded in reality if they are to have even the faintest hope of success. This doesn’t mean denying the power of our imaginations to look beyond the facts. This does not make our dreams less romantic, less potent, less powerful or less out of this world. It simply celebrates their humanity and relevance. There is genuine spirituality in facing our challenges in this way – spirituality of the human variety.

It is relevant for every facet of human endeavour, including creation in the arts. Genuine social relevance is born of this quiet respect for the human condition and our unique responsibility for its destiny.

There is nothing more beautiful.