Thoughts on Local Heroes

In the affairs of art, it is wise to beware of local heroes that cannot, or do not want to, shine beyond their home turf. It is not a question of talent or blind ambition. Talent is a cheap commodity readily available everywhere; ambition, except of the very intimate variety, is always a dangerous collaborator. It is a question of managing and balancing our inevitable vulnerability and the necessity of exploring what we do not know or understand. Ignorance also plays a role in negating the importance of what is truly relevant. 
It is fundamental to go beyond our native environment. Failure to do so elevates local heroes to the status of false visionaries. This is not a problem for the false prophets; it is, however, a problem for their followers. Genuine local heroes do not seek any status; they are too busy trying to make sense of their chosen path, sharing everything they know with collaborators who share their doubts, fears and courage. It is fundamental not to try too hard to be relevant. Relevance is for others to ascertain.