Of all the psychologically detrimental environmental conditions we must endure, mediocrity is certainly among the most damaging. It offers little hope, small dreams and satisfaction with the lowest common denominator. It promotes the status quo, inhibits risk-taking and denigrates informed audacity. 
When it is elevated to a standing it doesn’t merit, it does even more harm, stifling free thought and experimentation, infiltrating everything we experience. In art, it is a subversive regressive factor, reflecting a lack of critical sense and a celebration of banality. As serious as this most certainly is, the damage inflicted in political and economic spheres is far more immediately devastating, reaching deep into society’s most needy echelons and promising what it can never deliver in a sustainable manner. It is cruel and toxic requiring decades of dedicated informed effort to eradicate. It results in the devaluation of excellence in every sphere of activity. It is particularly devastating when disguised as solidarity accompanied by cynical declarations of camaraderie and understanding. 
Those who aspire to excellence have an obligation to fight the proliferation of mediocrity wherever it appears, denouncing its impact on our ability to rise to the challenges that ultimately define our destiny.