There are perhaps only two things more illuminating in this poor world than exceptional talent and they are integrity and the hard work required to give it life. When they unite there is a light that shines on us and it is brilliant. We are as close to truth as we can get.

Music knows this and music shares this.

For the most part, photography is so very far away from this point in time and space, and yet, there is hope. Perhaps we desperately need to forget the “decisive moment” and move on to the decisive perspective. We are not what we see; we are what we feel and think concerning a situation or set of situations. This insight renders our perception less tangible and more ambiguous in nature. It positions our work as a source of questions. It places the public in the position of finishing our work and giving it significance.

It is time that photography stop trying to educate us and contented itself with initiating a potentially enriching dialogue. This requires a combination of confidence and modesty that only talent, integrity and hard work can generate.