If I had one piece of advice to give to young photographers it would be to stop systematically looking through their viewfinders for at least one week a month in order to experience more fully what they are documenting. All photography is documentary at the shooting stage. 

Some photographers feel that retaining this quality in an explicit manner is important, while others like myself disagree emphatically. However, such differences are beside the point. Independently of the path taken, work and the personal perspective that generates it, are both enriched by a more participatory approach at the documentation phase as opposed to simply observing the scene to be recorded hiding behind a rather silly looking object with a lens. 

We do not see as cameras see and I feel it is most useful to perpetuate our unique way of scanning a situation at the very moment that the camera perverts this vision from its static single point perspective. I find the process tends to humanize the beast, altering as it does our complicity in this delicious perversion.