I am very tired of political games in the cultural arena. Wheeling and dealing is the last thing we require in the arts. What we need are devoted organisers, agents and gallery owners who understand that serving their personal interests and those of the artists with whom they collaborate are one in the same and that the artists must always come first. The art market is a unique one.  

The people who simply play political games, jockeying for personal position in the name of cultural development are not concerned with the advancement of the field or the works that define it; they are concerned with their own rank in the field and other people's appreciation of their persona. Their actions, similar in appearance to those of persons making genuine contributions, are well disguised and in fact, bear absolutely no resemblance to the real thing. More insidious still is the fact that they have often managed to convince themselves of their inherent relevance in advancing the cause of cultural development.

When personal posturing becomes the objective, there is simply nothing left to support...and it simply makes no sense at all to support a void.