New media work in the digital domain is the future of what was once referred to as photography. It is not a question of opinion, nor is it a question of taste. It is a fact. Some may lament this fact, while others may wallow in joy. Both attitudes are irrelevant.

As always most work will be poor, some will be mediocre and a small percentage will be innovative and will redefine our era in terms yet unknown to its public. What counts, as always is how we approach what we think, feel and see and this is completely independent of the ridiculous analogue-digital debate. Why? Because there is no debate. The future is digital, it is interactive and it is dynamic in a way that analogue work can't even imagine. Is this change necessary? No, certainly not ! it is simply inevitable, like all revolutionary technological change. Why? Because we cannot stop such change, we must appropriate it or live in the past.

There is a fabulous adventure to be lived or ignored. Genuine talent doesn't ignore new opportunities, it seizes them and makes them its own, redefining our references and provoking our natural conservative tendencies. Long live disruption and its capacity to awaken the necessity of evolution and changes in perspective, of innovation and discovery, of interactivity and new forms of transmediatic relationships.

These are fabulous times indeed.