Thinking too little and thinking too much are both counterproductive. Finding the right dose is always difficult amidst the confusion of contemporary life.

Thinking based on inadequate information and thinking based on a surplus of irrelevant or erroneous information are both potentially dangerous and widespread worldwide.

Not thinking, but acting, is almost always an adventure albeit a risky one for all concerned. From childhood to adolescence such behavior is often the norm although recently adults of all ages seem to be increasingly drawn to this methodology.

Where exactly does his leave us?

It seems to me that we do not devote enough pedagogical energy to teaching people how to think. School systems and programs appear to concentrate on having students memorize rather than analyze. Programs based on memorization facilitate imitation at best, manipulation at worst. This is true in mainstream general education as well as in the arts.

Is it that the power structure is afraid of the independence that sound, educated analytical thinking ensures?